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Investigate each thumbnail for details about the Pop Goes The Culture animation set. The associated artwork is available from the link below the thumbnails.

For smartphone/mobile viewing, additional variants of this set, and additional projects, check out the Instagram link below the thumbnails. The main set is designed for large monitor viewing. The IG set is formatted differently at lower resolution for mobile viewing.

Viewer Instructions: For best viewing on a computer monitor, click on the X symbol in the lower right of the viewer to transition to FULL SCREEN MODE and wait a couple seconds for it to render in high resolution. After you complete an animation, simply ESC the full screen mode and move on to the next thumbnail.

Full Size
(computer monitor)

Pop Goes The Culture:
Musical Score
Cowboy Will
Cowboys & Engines Pt.1
Cowboys & Engines Pt.2
Consumption Culture
Moon Bathers
Word Up

For a MOBILE smartphone experience, view edited versions on Instagram:

Pop Goes Culture Gallery
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