Animation Viewing Instructions

Although the first thumbnail suggests that you start the "Pop Goes The Culture" series with "Musical Score" and proceed in sequence, you may start with any thumbnail for an intro to the short animations. Be sure to check each thumbnail for details about each short animation. After viewing the animations in full screen mode, review the images that you'd like to order for your thematic collection (with animated files included).

Viewer Instructions: After the Viewer loads, for best viewing, click on the X symbol in the lower right of the viewer to transition to FULL SCREEN MODE and give it a couple seconds to render in high resolution. Once you complete each animation, simply ESC out of full screen mode and move on to the next in the series with forward arrow or X out (upper right) and select next thumbnail in series. 

Pop Goes The Culture:
Musical Score
Cowboy Will
Cowboys & Engines Pt.1
Cowboys & Engines Pt.2
Consumption Culture
Moon Bathers
Word Up
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