Program Development & Identity Development

Eye & Mind Studio (under the direction of Charles Carver) offers a range of general graphic art & corporate identity development/branding services. From simple logo development to comprehensive websites with accompanying marketing themes and unique content development requirements, we can assist all phases of business, from start-up to mature enterprise.

Samples Below:

Note: the first thumbnail to TriNourish Inc transfers off-site to a comprehensive set of integrated wellness websites that Charles has provided design and content development services for during development. In addition to straddling the worlds of art and science throughout his career, Charles is also credentialed in sleep diagnostics. The TriNourish initiative integrates sleep, nutrition and fitness expertise through self-paced assessments and comprehensive education system that Charles has developed as the chief architect of The TriNourish System (transfer to learn more).

Commercial Art Samples Below: Apart from the TriNourish link, the first set showcases Identity Development Services and comprehensive websites. The second row showcases Graphic Art & Illustration samples, including the specialized classes of scientific illustration and photo-composite illustration (in the last two thumbnails respectively).

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